Hi guys, Jens here.. Long ago i put my small dwarven boots on the shelf and quited on dex, though i still approve ppl who wanna join the wiki (since I get annoying e-mails to my inbox).... Cheers


  • Wiki still growing with about 4 users / day =)
  • Dex server is waiting for the installation of new harddrives. Until monday the server will be laggy, then it will probably be down for a day or two while installing the new harddrives and reinstalling the system on raid10.


  • New logo uploaded, new colors applied, also got 1 month free without ads on the pages
  • Edited the navigation, will be too bloated otherwise. Now the Headers in the nav bar are clickable and show more options


  • I made "home" page only for me to edit (i think), use the tab "discussion" to notify me of needs of change


  • Dex is now back up on the new hardware, not very stable atm, a couple of reboots and tweaks needed.
  • Logo sux, feel free to make a new, size: 150x150 (or smaller) .jpg and link to it here or something.
  • Since people obviously wasn't mature enough for a public wiki, I made it for users only to edit.This is thanks to:, and . Search for them here if you wanna know who it is
  • Just register and I will accept you as soon as possible. Note that if you dont verify your e-mail adress you wont know when I let you in


  • Dex soon on new server hardware. See specifications here !


About Dex:

About Lineage 2:


Off Topic


Try to make links of every linkable object. That includes names of classes/skills/countries/places/clans/playersThis is for two reasons, 1. It make it easier for the wiki to grow, 2. When the wiki grow you already have a link to a related page =) ( I couldnt resist linking my examples)